Extra Virgin Olive Oil Los Aljibes 5L
Los Aljibes

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Los Aljibes 5L

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Albacete, Castile-La Mancha


Arbequina and Picual

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Albacete, Castile-La Mancha


Arbequina and Picual

Tasting Notes:

In mouth it is perceived balanced and harmonious due to the combination of the sweetness and sweetness of the arbequina, with the moderate itching and bitterness of the picual.

In nose you can appreciate the fruity aroma of fresh grass notes with freshly cut tomatoes.


The Oil of Los Aljibes is exclusively produced from selected olives from Finca Los Aljibes, harvested at its optimum moment of maturation. The transport to the oil mill is done immediately, so that the extraction process starts within a few hours of collection.


The juice of the olive is extracted with modern mechanical processes at low temperature. The strict controls during the process guarantee its great quality and conservation of all the properties of color, smell and flavor.

Suggestions of consumption: Excellent consumption in group in salads, toasts, carpaccios, octopus, fish, ..

Good for cooking and frying as it does not deteriorate with high temperatures. Its volume increases in frying pan.

Presentation: Pet.

Net content: 5 L. 3 units per box

Bodega Los Aljibes

Finca Los Aljibes was born with a deep spirit of respect for nature, life and the environment. Everything in this ambitious family project is designed to enjoy its fruits and its animals.

Olives, vines, hares, rabbits, red partridge, cereals, hectares, horses, sabinas, chaparros, great horizons, rails, monte bajo ... The view is lost in this huge Albacete plateau, able to pass from the coldest cold to the most Stifling heat. Pure field, nature and life.

Finca Los Aljibes occupies an area of ​​900 hectares, is located in Chinchilla de Montearagón (Albacete), in the middle of the Albacete plateau. 200 héctareas of montebajo, that allow the existence of a varied animal and vegetal ecosystem, 178 of vineyard, 50 of olive tree and the rest of cereal.

The Bodega is located in the center of Finca Los Aljibes, Chinchilla de Montearagón (Albacete) surrounded by 178 hectares of vineyard at almost a thousand meters of altitude. Zone with denomination Wine of the Land of Castile.

Los Aljibes is a winery focused and designed by and to create wines of high expression, functional and modern, within an architectural complex of high cultural value. Carefully studied so that technology, and the most avant-garde oenological science, coexist in perfect harmony with tradition, culture and good taste.

The vineyard, the rooms of elaboration and fermentation, with its stainless steel tanks of different technologies, models and provenances, with automaceradores, internal cascades ...; The 18 vats of French oak and the 4 fudres of the same wood for coupages and malolactic of the different varieties; The room of barrels, perfect conditions of humidity and temperature and the bottle, and a young and enthusiastic team allow the elaboration of wines of excellent quality and the highest expression.

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