EVOO Oleazara infused with tomato and basil

EVOO Oleazara infused with tomato and basil

Oleazara oil, of the picual variety and harvested early, this special low-acidity oil has an artisanal production based on completely natural infusion processes.

No additives, no preservatives, no artificial flavors.

Of a bright greenish yellow color with amber reflections and a reddish touch due to the tomato.

With a fresh aroma of tomato and basil.

And with a smooth and fresh flavor.

This oil, with all its therapeutic properties, such as its high content of vitamin E and antioxidants, among others... It's for you!

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Quantity: 250ml

Collection: early manual.

First pressing.

Extraction: 100% cold with low acidity.

Preparation: handmade (natural processes).

Pairing: pizza, cheddar, Parmesan, tomatoes and salad, pasta dishes, risottos, vegetables such as carrots, white truffles or roasted peppers, creams such as zucchini...

Extraction: directly from olives.

Therapeutic properties.

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