Aceites del siglo XXI. Segundo. La Cata Horizontal.
Aceites del siglo XXI. Segundo. La Cata Horizontal.
Aceites del siglo XXI. Segundo. La Cata Horizontal.
Aceites del siglo XXI. Segundo. La Cata Horizontal.

XXIs Century Oils. Second. Horizontal Tasting Castillo de Canena (3 Bottles of 375 ml)

Jaen, Andalucia.

A Gastronomical experiment that shows how envolve th oils during th months of October. November and Dicember. In order to appreciate the color differences, they (Castillo de Canena) have used transparent bottles coated in colourless varish.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Jaén, Andalucía


“XXIS Century Oils” (Aceites del siglo XXI, in Spanish) is a line that seeks to bring new features and fresh concepts to a category of products with over 3000 years of history. It unveils an entire sensorial experience for the palate, the opportunity to taste and enjoy innovative olive oils that will surprise you with their uniqueness and distinction, as well as their compliance with the utmost quality standards.

Varietal Composition:

Arbequina 100%

Tasting notes:

October is intense, saline, lingering fruity taste of marked fresh chlorophyll herbs and apple. Light bitter touch, very pleasant bitterness.

November is light, soft taste although with its own strength from a good maturity point and the subsequent loss of rusticity. No bitterness and slightly spicy.

December is well-harmonised, soft taste of very mature tomato, popcorn, well matured fruit and with a pleasant aftertaste of soothing freshness, without spicy notes and with a very light bitterness.

Eating Suggestions: First course for October, Main courses for November and Desserts for December.


Gift box including 3 Bottles of 375ml in transparent glass using the Protec UV filter and a booklet with recipes. Packaging was awarded by PENTAWARDS 2010.

Net Content: 3 Bottles of 375ml.


Reserva Familiar Picual EVOO at  Jaén Selección 2016. Once again they are among the eigth oils in Jaén Selección winners 2016.

Reserva Familiar Picual, has also been awared for second year with maximun score (98/98) at the FLOS OLEI 2016 guideand for the fourth time since the guide is published.

This year they have been named as "The Best World Olive Oil Company".

Picual Biodinámico EVOO has achivieved for sencond time the EXTRAGOLD mention in the Italian contets BIOLNOVELLO (AL MIGLIOR OLIO EVO DELLA STAGIONE 2015/2016) held in Bologna, Italy.

Castillo de Canena

The firm, whose names comes from the family castle nestled on a hillside in the township of Canena (Jáen), has utmodt respect for the environment. This commitment to sustainable development can be seen in the generation of photvoltaic energy on site, plant cover on the entire premises that mitigates soil erosion and preserves autochthonous vegetation, ande use of pruning waste biomass as ecologigally sound, non-polluting fuel. Nowadays their oils are in 40 countries where have been recognised with the highest international awards.

Castillo de Canena is member of EVA(Extra Virgin Alliance), premier international associato of extra virgin olive oils whose aim to promote and guarantee-through the most rigurous oversight and a common quality seal-excellence in the extraction and preservation of extra virgin olives oils along the entire distibution chain; as well as the sustainability and preservation of the olive grove ecosystem.

Castillo de Canena also belongs to the Association of Grandes Pagos del Olivar, uniting the best Spanish extra virgin olive oil producers that opt for very limited quantity production of the highest quality, elaborated through methods that combine asrtisanal characteristics with the applicatios of the most advanced technologies.

XXIS Centuries Oils is a line that seeks to bring new features and fresh concepts to a category of products with over 3,000 years of history. They are innovative olive oilsthat will surprise you.

FIRST EARLY ROYAL is the first oil of this colletion, that is way it is called "First". This EVOO presents for th first time, a ROYAL extra virgin olive oil collected at the beginning of harvest, an "early" one.



Family Reserve

•Arbequina and Picual

First Day of Harvest

•Arbequina y Picual

XXIS Century Oils

•First. Early Royal.

•Second. Horizontal Tasting.

•Third. Oak Smoked Arbequino Oil.

•Fourth. Biodynamic Picual.




FLos Olei  (Italia)

  • Reserva Familiar Picual . 98 puntos  (Maximun score 2015)
  • Royal Temprano. The best light fruity EVOO in the world, 98 points (Maximun score, 2014)

Der Feinschmecker- Oil Award (Germany)

  • Reserva Familiar Picual. Nº.1 (2014)
  • Royal Temprano. Nº 3 (2014) (First Early Royal)

Monocultivar Olive Oil Expo (Italy)

  • Picual Biodinámico. "The Best of the World 2015"
  • GOLD medal Picual Biodiámico (2014)

Olive Japan (Japan)

  • Reserva Familiar Picual. GOLD medal 2015
  • Resrva Familiar Picual Premium award (2014)
  • Royal Temprano. GOLD medal (2015,2014)
  • Picual Biodinámico GOLD (2015,2014)
  • Reseva Familiar Arbequino. SILVER medal (2014)

Ecotrama (Spain)

  • Picual Biodinámico. GOLD medal (2015-2014)

Armonía (Italia)

  • Royal Temprano, has received the highest award at the ARMONIA awards. It's the Great Mention as "Middle Fruity"(2014)

SOFI Awards (EEUU)

  • Arbequino al Humo de Roble. GOLD medal (2015) (Oak Smoked Arbequina Oil)

Jaen Seleccón (Spain)

  • Reserva Familiar Picual. 2015
  • Royal Temprano. 2014

Oil China Competition  (CHINA)

  • Reserva Familiar Picual. GOLD medal (2014)
  • Reserva Familiar Arbequino. GOLD medal (2014)


Flos Olei 2013. (Italia)

  • Reserva Familiar Picual. 97 points. 

International Olive Oil Award. Zurich 2012. (Alemania)

  • Silver medal: Royal Temprano. Intense category.

Olive Japan 2013

  • Gold medal: Royal Temprano.

  • Gold medal: Reserva Familiar Arbequino.

  • Silver medal: Reserva Familiar Picual.

Monocultivar Olive Oil (Italia)

  • Gold medal: Reserva Familiar Picual.

  • Gold medal: Primer Royal Temprano.

  • Best Packaging . Royal Temprano.

Waitrrose Way Awards (Reino Unido) (2013)

Highly recommended for its sustainable development "Treading Lightly-water"

FLOS OLEI Guide 2012: Guide by Marco Oreggia (ITALY)

  • Royal Temprano. 97 Points Flos Olei 2012. Maximun score.

Olive Oil China Competition.

  • Reserva Familiar Picual. Intense. Gold (2013)

  • Reserva Familiar Arbequino. Medium. Silver(2013)

Los Angeles Awards. (USA)

  • Silver medal: Royal Tmprano . Fruity category.

  • Silver medal. Reserva Familiar Picual. Fruity category.

  • Silver medal. Reserva Familiar Arbequina. Fruity category.

Sol de Verona (Italia).

  • Reserva Familiar. Great Mention. Intense categoría.

LEONE d’ORO dei Mastri Oleari (Italia)

  • Fruity category. DIPLOMI DI GRAN MENZIONE.


SOFI Awards Nasfa 2011 (EEUU)

  • Gold: Reserva Familiar Arbequino. Spanish first oil to win this competition with 39 years of history.

Oil China Competition 2011 (CHINA)

  • SILVER OLIVE MEDIUM Reserva Familiar Picual.

  • GRAND MENTION MEDIUM Reserva Familiar Arbequino.

Sol de Verona 2011 (ITALY)

  • Great mention. fruity category: Reserva Familiar Picual.

Jaén Selección 2011:The best oils of Jaén (Spain)

  • Royal Temprano: Primero Aceites del S:XXI.

FLOS OLEI Guide 2011: The best oil in the world (ITALY)

  • 96 p for Reserva Familiar Picual.

Gold medal Los Ángeles International 2010 (USA).

  • Best of Class Award – International Frutado Medio: Reserva Familiar Picual.

  • Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Show: Reserva Familiar Picual.

  • Bronze Medal Award – Royal Temprano.

94 p. Flos de Olei guide (Italy). Reserva Familiar Mejor monovarietal Frutado Medio.

  • Top 20 in the world and among top 5 of the best in Spain.

Medalla Prestige Golden en el Concurso TerraOlivo (Israel).

Castillo de Canena oils have been selected among the best of the world by Feinschmecher (Germany).

Jaén Paraíso Interior – Best oils in the province: Royal Temprano.

Premio Alimentos de España:  Best Agricultural Production.

Premio Packaging Silver Pentawards para SEGUNDO: La Cata Horizontal.

5Th place  in the Competition's Best Olive Oils from Spain, in Moscow (Russia)

Premio Alimentos de España: Best Agricultural Production.

Olio Award Feinshcmecker, Germany.


FLOS OLEI Guide 2009: Best Oils of the Wolrd (ITALY)

  • Best Monovarietal FruityFrutado Medio para la Guía Flosde Olei(Italia).

Armonía (Italiy).

  • Special mention: Royal Temprano.

Top 9 among the Best Oils of the World by FeinschmeckerAward(Germany). 2009

  • Olio Award 2009, Der Feinshcmecker, Alemania

Alimentos de España award: , Best Agricultural Production.

Bronce medal. Los Ángeles (USA) 2008

  • Bronze Medal Award 2008

It has been selected among the best of the world by Feinschmecher (Germany). 2008

Gold medal. Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Award (USA). 2007

  • Gold Medal Award 2008

Gold medal as the best gourmet produt for La Hermandad Cuchara de Palo (Spain). 2007

It has been selected among the best of the world by Feinschmecher (Germany) 2007

First oil to win a CoqD'Or (France). 2006

Horeca Food Fair (Praga).

It has been selected among the best of the world by Feinschmecher (Germany). 2006

All data comes from Castillo de Canena

Jaén, Andalucía
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