Mouse de PImineto del Piquillo Anko
Anko Conservas Artesanas

Piquillo Pepper Mousse Anko

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Piquillo Pepper Mousse


Artisanal Producction

Glass Jar

100 g

Navarra high-quality food products

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Piquillo Pepper Mousse


Artisanal Production

Navarra high-quality food products

Presentation: Glass Jar
Net Weight: 100g

Thanks to a subtle association of local-sourced ingredients, their vegetables mousses combine light texture and delicate flavour.

Eating Sugestions: They are ideal on toasts, with hot meals or even in a sandwich


The company ANKO SL is located in Cadreita, in the middle of Navarre, flagship of the Spanish market gardening.

Since its creation in 1959 by Benito Prat, the family never stopped focusing on the processing of vegetables grown in the region, gradually improving the making-processes and adapting day by day to the constantly evolving needs of the consumers.

In 1989, Benito’s children took over the company under the name Anko SL. They have been perpetuating the family savoir-faire to obtain the best out of the vegetables from Navarre, adapting the artisan methods they inherited from their father to new technologies, always willing to offer healthy, natural and well-balanced products.

The quality of raw material and our rigorous manufacturing process are the key ingredients to keep on offering gourmet products from Navarre.


The artisan quality is determined by a rigorous selection of raw material, a making-process in which the human hand plays a major part, the absence of preservatives or colourings, and the continuous control of the artisan maestro.

The regional Government of Navarre has created a group/set of specific standards to regulate artisan methods in the food sector, and all the companies bearing the “Alimentos artesanos”(Hand-made foods) logo have to comply with these rules.

All the making-processes are validated by the artisan master of the company, and guaranteed by laboratory controls realised at the CNTA (National center of technology and food safety).

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