Queso San Simón de la Fontella
Queso San Simón de la Fontella
Queso San Simón de la Fontella
Queso San Simón de la Fontella
Queso San Simón de la Fontella
Queso San Simón de la Fontella
Queso San Simón de la Fontella
Queso San Simón de la Fontella

San Simón Fontela Cheese P.D.O.

San Simon cheese Fontelas

D.O.P. San Simon Da Costa

Lugo, Galicia

Smoked cheese

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Queso San Simón Fontelas

D.O.P. San Simon Da Costa

Lugo, Galicia

Smoked cheese


"Traditional Galician cheese, homemade and handmade, which keeps intact the ancient patterns of development (...) its typical form and smoking are key features for identification" Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. 1996.


Made with pasteurized whole cow's milk from the Galician Rubia breed, brown Alpine Friesian and their crosses. Semi-soft cheese pressed paste, curing drying for 30 days and smoked with birch wood.

The cheese San Simón da Costa combines a traditional recipe with the best raw materials and maximum hygiene and sanitary control. Two special features are in the process, giving it its special flavor and aroma. First, the basic raw material: cow's milk, de la Rubia Gallega, Pardo-Alpina and Friesian breeds, always produced in the area in accordance with health regulations and secondly, to give it its most significant feature, the birch: S
MOKED phase, in which the wood of a typical tree in the area is used.

Cheese San Simon Bufón like its big brother the San Simón da Costa, is a versatile cheese, both can be consumed together with nuts or honey as alone. Its mild acidic flavor and sweet subtle at the same time, mixed with the delicate touch of smoke, they provide an exquisite flavor.

Cheese San Simón da Costa has a back label control "CONSEJO REGULADOR" as well as the manufacturer's label registered in the name.

There are two formats, the largest, with a minimum maturity of 45 days, a final weight between 0.8 and 1.5 kg and height of 13 and 18 cm; small format or "bufon" minimum maturity of 30 days, weighing between 0.4 and 0.8 Kg and height between 10 and 13 cm.


It is a fine-textured cheese, fat, semi-hard and semi-elastic.

The bark is smoked, hard, inelastic, from 1 to 3 mm thick, yellow-ocher in color and somewhat oily.

The paste has fine texture, fat, semi-hard and semi-elastic, color between white and yellow, soft to cut, with a distinctive flavor and aroma.

As for the holes will not be many, of round or irregular shape and varying size less than half pea.

Flavor and smooth aroma, with spicy touches and little salt. Flavored butter and walnuts with a slightly smoky aroma.

It has an intermediate form between spinning top and bullet.

Eating suggestions:

Cheese San Simón da Costa is a very versatile cheese. It can be consumed accompanied with nuts or honey as a single. Its acid, smooth and sweet, subtle flavor while mixed with the delicate touch of smoke, they provide an exquisite flavor.

In the region are famous steaks and scallops cheese San Simón da Costa.

It is advisable to accompany it with a red wine preferably Mencia.


whole pieces of about 1 kg.

San Simón da Costa

The production area suitable milk for making cheese under the Protected Designation of Origin "San Simón da Costa" is constituted by the geographical area comprising the county of Terra Chá, which is composed of the following municipalities, all of them in the province of Lugo: Vilalba, Muras, Xermade, Abadín, Guitiriz, Begonte, Castro de Rei, Cospeito and A Pastoriza.

A land with a long tradition of cheese making, where the dairy sector is a very important part in the economy of the area. A dairy sector composed mainly of cattle, the Rubia Gallega, Pardo-Alpina, Frisona breeds, and the different crossings of those that will provide cheese San Simón da Costa raw materials of high quality.

This is where the cheese San Simón da Costa was born, a cheese that takes full advantage of the quality and wealth of products offered by this region of the province of Lugo.

Respect for tradition and the artisan care with which they are made cheese San Simón da Costa an exquisite product, quality and healthy. Receive equal attention to sanitary regulations, combined with its superb craftsmanship and raw materials, it allows cheese San Simón da Costa be recognized as a high quality product in
Galicia and outside their borders.

In order to protect and promote the production and guarantee the quality was constituted the "Regulatory Council of the Designation of Orixe Protexida San Simón da Costa". This organization subjected to each of the products to strict quality controls, examining both the origin of the milk used as the hygienic standards used in cheese making.

In the cheese San Simón da Costa, harmoniously combine tradition and the most advanced technological systems.

Its distinctive flavor, obtained thanks to the traditional recipe used, you will find in the new technologies a reference of unquestionable quality. The latest technological advances in manufacturing to control the tracking of each of the processes that make up the manufacture of cheese San Simón da Costa. In this way we can guarantee the highest product quality and maximum hygiene and sanitary control. This comprehensive control would be impossible without technological support, as the quality of an annual average of 400,000 kg of cheese is guaranteed.

Cheese Factory Fontelas

In "Quesería Fontelas" they make cheese with Protected Designation of Origin and other cheeses typical of this part of Galicia as the Patela.

In preparing its cheeses using the best raw material, they only supply milk to the region of A Terra Cha where one of the best milk in Galicia occurs. Respect for the traditional method combined with the latest technologies and the hands of his master cheese makers make the final product is of high quality. The smoked cheeses still do as before with birch wood, being the most distinctive and unique feature of our D.O.P. San Simón da Costa and D.O.P. San Simon Bufon.

But it is important raw material and the processing method, no less important is the cheese curing in dairy Fontelas pamper cheeses to achieve the exact point of madurity and tuned enabling them to offer a product with a flavor, aroma and presentation befitting their designation

Source of information D.O.P. San Simon Da Costa and Cheese Factory Fontelas

D.O.P. San Simón Da Costa, Galicia
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