Quienes somosWelcome to Eligespaña/Pickspain's online store, an initiative by Grupo Beltrán & Lanchares S.L. Despite being such a young venture, our market success keeps growing thanks to our loyalty to our birth motto: offering top quality at competitive prices.

Grupo Beltrán & Lanchares's is primarily focused on promoting and exporting delicatessen products from Spain. Our online store was established in order to meet the demand to provide end consumers and those customers who have no access to department stores and supermarket chains with the opportunity to access the wide selection of Spanish delicatessen products that we export to different companies.

Through Eligespaña/Pickspain we have access to first-hand information, making it possible for us to offer products with valuable information to our customers about their actual behaviour in the market.

Elisgespaña/Pickspain is also aiming to help Spanish small producers to get out of anonymity. We make it possible for producers with limited but excellent products to reach the general public through Eligespaña/Pickspain.

Obviously, the products that Grupo Beltrán & Lanchares exports to companies are substantially different from the selection offered in Eligespaña/Pickspain. However, this is always done without neglecting a single bit of the motto that keeps guiding us in our business.

Pickspain's products selection  

Quiénes somosOur Purchases Department's goal is to locate our best produce. In their research, they make every effort to explore the whole country, locating and selecting a broad range of aromas and flavours to make them available to the finest palates around the world.

Top quality is a must for small producers to be able to compete with big brands on fair terms. Our expert team highly values everything that has been done with love and dedication, well-done work. In addition to peculiarity, they also value traditional production methods and strict raw materials's selection..

Our products hold different Spanish denominations of origin, which guarantee their undeniable quality. While we strive to promote our "authors", our website also features recognized and certified high quality traditional delicatessen brands, which are the basis of Grupo Beltrán & Lanchares's wholesale trade.

Quiénes somosWe are constantly adding new products to our catalogue. We visit each production site personally to verify on spot how the entire production process takes place.  

We want to promote all the new talents involved in making Spanish delicatessen products, both in and outside Spain, in order to be able to deliver the results of our careful and thorough selection of only the best quality right on to your table.