In compliance with the provisions of article 22.2 of Spanish Law 34/2002 of 11 July on the Society of Information and Electronic Commerce Services, this website hereby informs you in this section about the policy to collect and process cookies. Which cookies we use, how we use them and how to track preferences in regard to cookies. You can amend your preferences or refuse consent in regard to cookies at any time from your consent form. Your consent is applied in regard to the following domain owned by Grupo Beltrán & Lanchares S.L.: pickspain.com

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file downloaded in your computer when certain websites are accessed. Cookies enable a website among other things to store and recover information on a user’s or her equipment’s browsing habits. According to the information it contains and the way her equipment is used, they can be used recognise the browser.

How do we use cookies?

Our website uses both own and third party cookies. Our own are technical and essential to the website’s operation, third party cookies are for analytical advertising purposes (by default inactivated) and personalization.

Third party cookies are used to understand how our website performs, the number of visits we have and which pages are visited. To personalize your experience according to your Language, appearance depending on your browser and to show relevant ads to the user.

What types of cookies do we use?

Necessary techniques: these cookies are absolutely necessary for the website’s function.

Analytical: cookies processed by us or third parties. They enable us to quantify number of users and measure and statistically analyze the use made by users of our service offered. Therefore, their browsing is analysed on our website with the purpose of improving our supply of products or services offered.

Behavioural advertising: cookies that store information on users’ behaviour obtained by means of continually observing their browsing habits, which enables devising a specific profile to show advertising according to this.

Preferences: cookies that enable recalling information so that the user accesses the service with certain features that can differentiate their experience from that of other users. For example, language, number of results to show when the user searches, the service’s appearance or content according to type of browser the user uses to access the service or the region from where the service is accessed, etc.

For how long is data stored?

Session cookies: these are temporary cookies that remain in your browser’s cookies file until the user leaves the website, whereby none of them are recorded on your computer’s hard drive. The information obtained by means of these cookies serve to analysed traffic patterns on the website. In the  long term, this enables us to provide a better experience to improve the content and facilitate its use.

Persistent cookies: they are stored on the hard drive and our website reads them each time the user makes another visit. A permanent cookie has a determined expiry date. the cookie will stop working after this date.

The list shown below shows the cookies used on our website.

PHPSESSID Native from PHP, necessary for the website to work, enables keeping serialized state data.

_ga This is used for identification by means of Google Analytics and to differentiate a user. They store a unique client identifier (customer ID), which is randomly generated. It is used to calculate user interactions (visits, users data, sessions and campaigns).

_gat This is used to differentiate among the different follow up objects created in the session and is updated each time data are sent to Google Analytics.

_gid Used by Google Analytics to identify the same user during a single day.

_tuvc The cookie __atuvc is created and read by the site’s JavaScript to share from Addthis in the customer with the purpose of ensuring that the user sees the updated count if they share a page

_atuvs Shares content with a broad range of networks and shared resources platforms.

International data transfers

International Data Transfer is understood to be that notification of your personal data to countries outside the European Union, and more specifically outside the European Economic Area (EEA). There are exceptions of countries outside this European area not deemed an international transfer as they are destination countries that the European Commission for Data Protection considers suitable to comply with European Data Protection standards. These countries are understood to be safe as they undertake to comply with European regulation requirements.

In any event Grupo Beltrán & Lanchares S.L does not currently transfer any data outside the EEA.

If at any time personal information were sent outside the EEA, either because data storage is housed in a server outside EEA borders or for any other reason, it is assured that either the interested party will be notified and his consent requested or the regulatory clauses for this international transfer will remain signed; ensuring that the supplier that may house or process personal information complies with the minimum standards of security and principles set out in the GDPR.

How to modify Cookies preferences

If you decide to modify your cookies preferences you just have to click on the white rectangle located in the bottom right box that says, “Web consent”. This will take you again to the cookies management menu from where you can change the configuration.

Cookies can be deleted from the mobile computer or device by means of using the browser. To obtain indications on how to manage and delete cookies, it is sufficient to go to the browser’s “Help” tab and the cookies may be disabled. You may receive a notification each time you send a new cookie to the computer or mobile device.

Most web browsers offer the possibility of permitting, blocking or deleting cookies installed on your pc.

Below you can access the configuration of the most common web browsers to accept, install or disable cookies:

Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/es/kb/Borrar%20cookies

Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=es&answer=95647

Edge: https://support.microsoft.com/es-es/microsoft-edge/eliminar-las-cookies-en-microsoft-edge-63947406-40ac-c3b8-57b9-2a946a29ae09

Updates and changes to the Cookies Privacy Policy

The Company can modify this Cookies policy according to legislative and regulatory requirements or with the purpose of adapting this policy to the instructions set out by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Therefore, users are advised to visit this from time to time.

Revised and updated on 23 May 2022

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