Delicatessen preserves

Delicatessen preserves

A large selection of canned products. Exquisite products of the best fish markets and vegetable gardens of our geography. Cantabrian anchovies, asparagus of Navarra.

Pepper of Isla in Olive Oil


Lobster and Red Lobster Pate El Pescador de Cantabria


Tomato Sauce Leyenda


Natural Artichoke Hearts Leyenda


Organic Onion Confit Anko


Piquillo Pepper Mousse Anko


Don Bocarte Anchovies in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 14 fillets


Extra White Asparagus DO Navarra Leyenda


Organic Pear Confit Anko


Mushroom Mousse Anko


Salsa de Tomate Artesana Extra Anko


Anchoa Don Bocarte en Aceite de Oliva Virgen 38 a 40 filetes


Extra Piquillo Whole Peppers Leyenda


Fig Confit Anko


Piquillo Sauce Anko


Wild Bluefin Tuna Don Bocarte


Natural Oyster Mushrooms Leyenda


Piquillo Piperade Anko


Pisto Leyenda


Bay of Biscay Squid Don Bocarte


Giant mussels in pickled sauce Ramón Franco


Habitas Mini Baby in Olive Oil Leyenda


Paté de Faisán con Trufas La Chinata 125 g


Tuna in Olive Oil La Leyenda