Chorizo Ibérico Cular Extra Casero

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Chorizo Ibérico Cular Extra Casero

Cumbres Mayores, Huelva. Andalucía

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Chorizo Ibérico Cular Extra Casero

Cumbres Mayores, Huelva. Andalucía


Lean Iberian pork (80%), fat (20%), salt, garlic and paprika.


And cooled meat maturation for 24 hours. Here is a lean chopped coarsely takes 30-35 mm and a chopped bacon into pieces of 8-10 mm. It is premixed with seasonings and kneading. Finally a resting phase of the mass of about 24 hours at 0C and stuffed into casings circular or pork Semicular mainly with 30-60 mm caliber. Healing 12-15 days in a controlled environment with a relative humidity of 80-82% and temperature of 12-14 ° C, the process ends with the natural drying to 45-60 days.



In bars approximately 40-50 cm long. Presentation whole piece vacuum.

Hijos de Antonio Dominguez Chacon SL

In the Sierra de Huelva and 750 m. Height is Cumbres Mayores. In this place with cold and dry climate in winter and in spring and summer soft company La Valla, owned by the family Dominguez Chacon is located.

The microclimate of this area gives our wineries the most suitable for the production of quality products Iberian pork features.

Here, under the guidance of the designation of origin Jamón de Huelva of which we are a founding member, we care for and pamper these unique delicacies.

All data comes from La Valla

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