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Arturo Sánchez

Pure Iberian Ham Arturo Sánchez

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Pure Iberian Ham Arturo Sánchez

DO. Guijuelo


100% Iberian ham from acorn-fed pigs.

Morsels of fine tender and juicy slices that melt on the palate, leaving a unique taste and flavor.

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Pure Iberian Ham Arturo Sánchez

DO. Guijuelo


Iberian ham from acorn-fed pigs.

Morsels of fine tender and juicy slices that melt on the palate, leaving a unique taste and flavor.


100% Iberian cured acorn ham.

Each piece is unique. The height of the union of the best raw material, the pure breed pig raised in the beste dehesa fields, ande natural curing in cellars in Guijuelo.

Two years of living in freedom, in the dehesa fields, with two seasons to guarantee a double acorn-feed and its healthy nutritional propieties; then, aminimum of 48 months' curing in Guijuelo, innatural drying sheds,where the cold, dry wind of the Bejar and Gredos mountains do the rest.

Tasting Notes:

Brilliant and uniform appearance, with excellent fat coverage. The slices are deep red in colour, spotted by tyrosine, the amino acid that crystallises as a result of an excellent curing process.

Juicy texture, very pleasant in the mouth. Tender but firm.

Potent, pleasant, specific, attractive aromas. Long-lasting, very marked and clear. At the base, there are very frank notes of fresh nuts.

A fine, personal, balanced, tasty flavour. This is an elegant ham; its key flavours are already present while still in mid-palate.

The excellent balance in terms of salt reveals some adequate, light and clear sweet notes which tone down the typical bitter spots with great precision.


Whole pieces.


Arturo Sánchez e Hijos S.L

For the last hundred years, they have been passionate about making the Best Iberian Pork produce. Year after year, their produce is unique in its kind. They remain faithful to their legacy and after four generations, they have refined this knowledge, which is nothing more than breeding unique, exclusive Iberian pigs and the artisanal treatment given to each piece, acting in symbiosis with Nature.

Their company has more than 100 years creating jewels of gastronomy.

The first generation learnt, in the late 19th century, the basics of the dried meat trade in the Candelario mountains, where the hams and sausages for the Royal House were made. Later on, the company was created and established in Campillo de Salvatierra.

Many success stories begin simply with a different take on things, and theirs is no exception: Arturo Sánchez Martín's vision, the family's second generation, was to create the best Iberian pork products of his time and take them to the young Spanish market. To carry out this vision, he established the present company in Guijuelo, to benefit from better communication networks and, thus beginning his own path.

Then began the greatest challenge of his life, which he faced with his knowledge, his experience and his skills to observe and understand nature and climate. This became the Legacy which, year after year, he passed on to his son, Arturo Sánchez Gómez, third generation and president of the company for the last three decades. Since then, he has always persevered to make true the company's dream: creating a one-of-a kind Iberian produce.

Arturo Sánchez Gómez has been able to evolve without giving up the essential elements of our Legacy: an improved, exclusive Iberian pork, along with our elaboration process that is the result of a symbiosis with Nature. The result is a sublime product: healthy, natural, full of subtle nuances; a product that transcends the conventional parameters, creating a new category within Iberian produce.

Nowadays, their products, true gastronomic jewels, are acknowledged around the world, and the Arturo Sánchezbrand has become a benchmark and a guarantee of prestige, purity and flavour, appreciated in the most demanding gastronomic establishments and in each and every home where their products are consumed.

A whole team of professional artisans devoted to Iberian pork are de guarantee of the Arturo Sánchez Legacy.

All data comes from Arturo Sánchez e Hijos S.L.

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D.O. Guijuelo, Salamanca