Cockles 30/40 pieces Vigilante Centenario...

Cockles 30/40 pieces Vigilante Centenario Valcarcel

Collected in an artisanal way by shellfish collectors on foot, at low tide, and by sailors afloat from small boats, helping themselves with traces.

Something so special is worth trying.

Here it is!

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Made with the experience of generations. Preparing them naturally, so that they transmit to us all the subtle aroma of the sea in their delicate and fragile meat.

Boxed tin 115g

Sometimes nature offers us exceptional products, of superior quality, that deserve a different treatment: to be made by expert hands with the utmost care.

Only when ALL the optimal conditions are met, we can offer you our special VIGILANTE® CENTENARIO series, honoring all our tradition so that you can fully enjoy the best of the sea.

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