Espárragos de Navarra Extra Conservas Serrano

Espárragos de Navarra Extra Conservas Serrano

Conservas Serrano chooses the most select and appropriate products so that, with each bite, you can enjoy a softness, aroma and a unique flavor.

These asparagus will taste amazing in many ways: raw, roasted, grilled, in a salad...

Add them to your favorite dishes.

Take them both hot and cold.

Natural or with sauces.

Conservas Serrano carries out a 100% natural packaging. No artificial preservatives.


Here you have, a category asparagus that is backed in quality by the Protected Geographical Indication of Navarra. A hit in your pantry.

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Candied Peppers La Cuna

sweet and caramelized taste

Made with high quality peppers

Slowly cooked in their own juice

Perfect complement to your dishes

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