Ventresca de Bonito Fresco Gran Reserva en Aceite El Pescador de Cantabria
El Pescador de Cantabria

Ventresca of Fresh Bonito Gran Reserva in Olive Oil El Pescador de Cantabria

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Ventresca of Fresh Bonito Gran Reserva in olive oil

Santoña, Cantabria

Artisanal Production


110 grams.

Limited Units

Tradition since 1908

  Maximun 10 days for delivery

Ventresca of Fresh Bonito Gran Reserva in olive oil

Santoña, Cantabria

Artisanal Production

Tradition since 1908

Limited Unints

Presentation: Canned

Net Weight: 110 grams.


Ventresca of Bonito, olive oil and salt.

The Pesacador of Cantabria

Cantabria Conservas Artesanas SL

The canning industry "El Pescador de Cantabria" was founded by Angel Viadero in the early twentieth century. It born under the Fishermen's Association of Santoña, Cantabria, for the sole purpose of realizing all the knowledge that was acquired Angel Viadero by the best Italian canneries who came to this land. So, they began to keep, entirely by hand, all the riches provided Biscay: Anchovies and especially Bonito.

From these modest beginnings, to date, there have been important changes in the canning, but his tarjet has always been the same: quality. They offer discerning customers the best raw material from Bay of Biscay, made with the same affection that initially and all seasoned with only ingredients like the best olive oil and salt.

In 2008 they celebrated their first Centenary and they hope to hold more. José Antonio Valle Viadero, grandson of the founder, the third generation of canners and the fourth is underway. His children are still excited every day with new varieties, new formats ... but its philosophy remains the same: The best raw materials from the sea in the best artisan hands with the best olive oil and salt.

These are the words that the Master Preserver, José Antonio Valle Viadero, presents its canning. With them we invite you to know and enjoy their traditional and artesanal products.

All information comes from El Pescador de Cantabria (Cantabria Conservas Artesanas SL)

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Santoña, Cantabria