Sanfrutos Dry Hop Gin
Sanfrutos Dry Hop Gin
Sanfrutos Dry Hop Gin
Sanfrutos Dry Hop Gin

Sanfrutos Dry Hop Gin

Artisanal gin.

An opportunity to try something extraordinary.

Do not miss it!

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Dry & Hop Gin is an artisan gin distilled traditionally in copper stills with 8 selected botanicals to which a unique dry hopping of "Citra" hops is incorporated.

Bright and crystalline in appearance, with beautiful greenish reflections due to the hops used.

It is a very aromatic and unique gin, its dry hopping of "Citra" hops provides citrus and herbal aromas that combine perfectly with its dry and botanical character, achieving a genuine and surprising flavor.

39% vol. alc.

Dry & Hop Gin It is the result of an artisanal and innovative production that represents the history of Cerveza Artesana Sanfrutos, our history. Illustrated by Carlos VOBA in a premium bottle with pure lines and totally opaque to preserve all its characteristics.

Our recommendation is to enjoy it alone or with ice to appreciate all its characteristics and nuances.

It is ideal for cocktails and mixed drinks where it stands out especially with lime and neutral tonics to achieve a unique gin and tonic, with hoppy, citrus and botanical notes.

If you like to experiment, try combining it in your Negroni!

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