Aliño Cayenne Hot La Montaña Aliños 250ml
Aliño Cayenne Hot La Montaña Aliños 250ml
Aliño Cayenne Hot La Montaña Aliños 250ml
Aliño Cayenne Hot La Montaña Aliños 250ml
Aliño Cayenne Hot La Montaña Aliños 250ml
Aliño Cayenne Hot La Montaña Aliños 250ml

Cayenne Hot Sauce La Montaña Aliños 250ml

Cayenne Hot Sauce La Montaña Aliños 250ml, innovative flavor and surprising combination of flavors. Tasty and with the perfect spicy touch.

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Cayenne Hot Sauce La Montaña Aliños

Alicante, Valencian Community

Crafts made with 100% natural products

Not artificially flavored. No preservatives or coloring.

La Montaña Aliños, dressings are surprising because of their complexity and provide a fun and original touch to the dishes and offer a wide and wide range of flavors.

Ingredients: Vinegar, sugar and cayenne.

Elaboration: Dressings made by hand, without preservatives, or dyes and from natural fruits. The quality of the fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs of the products come from their own orchard.

Presentation: 250ml opaque glass bottle with dosing cap.

Pairing: This dressing is especially suitable for barbecues, pasta dishes and rice, also for cheeses, fish, vegetables and to make sauces.

Capacity: 250 ml

Conservation advice:
Keep in a cool, dry place.

Consumer advice:
Shake before using. Use it in the dishes just before serving.

Lines of products

They emphasize its delicate and natural flavors that contribute its ingredients, by the aromas and the alive colors of the fruits and herbs that they contain.

Gourmet Line

Fruits and aromatic herbs: They emphasize the natural character of its ingredients and textures. Strawberry 01 #, forest fruits 02 #, thyme 03 #, rosemary 04 #, figs 05 # and tangerine 06 #. Presentation in transparent packaging.

Combined: Original bet that resides in a particular version of the traditional mixture of oil and vinegar to which is incorporated the oil of basil. Presentation in opaque packaging for the preservation of oil properties. Tomato + basil oil 07 #, tea + basil oil 09 #, mustard + basil oil 10 # and lavender + 12 # basil oil.

Specials: Amazing flavors in dressings of innovative flavors. Presented in opaque packaging. Turrón al pedro Ximénez 08 #, gin tonic 11 #, CAYENNE HOT #.

Classic Line

They offer a great variety of flavors: peach, oranges, orange vodka, amaretto pineapple, medlars, pebrella, saffron with honey, ginger, horchata, cinnamon, raspberry, cherries, strawberry plum, dill, basil.

Presented in 250 ml plastic bottle

La Montaña Aliños

It is a Alicante company dedicated for more than 50 years to the world of restoration. They have managed to get and keep a Michelin star for more than a decade. Seven years ago, with the renewed enthusiasm, they embarked on a new adventure by making natural dressings, a novel product, different and of quality.

The evolution of the kitchen in recent years has shown that the human being is capable of innovating to the point of inventing incredible flavors to the palate, culinary filigranas capable of surprising the world because of its complexity.

They, in a humble attempt to create new flavors and in order to give a fun and original touch to the dishes, have manufactured these dressings in a varied and wide offer of flavors.

All the data come from La Montaña Aliños

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