Cava Gran Juve & Camps
Cava Gran Juve & Camps
Cava Gran Juve & Camps
Cava Gran Juve & Camps
Cava Gran Juve & Camps
Cava Gran Juve & Camps

Cava Gran Juve & Camps Gran Reserva Brut

Cava Gran Juve Camps

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Cava Gran Reserva Brut


25% Macabeu, 40% Xarel·lo, 10% Parellada and 25% Chardonnay

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Cava Gran Juve Camps

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Cava Gran Reserva Brut


25% Macabeu, 40% Xarel·lo, 10% Parellada and 25% Chardonnay


This Gran Reserva cava, made on the Espiells (Can Rius), Mediona (Can Massana) and La Cuscona estates, is only born in exceptional vintages.

Tasting Note:

Of a golden color with nuances of new gold.

Its aromatic expression highlights freshness, with notes of white flowers and stone fruits, which coexist with complex nuances typical of a long-aged cava: toasted, spices, honey...

The palate is intense, seductive and friendly, with creamy sensations and long persistence, and with a glorious finish where fruity memories appear again.


42 months of aging on its lees on average

Alcoholic grade:

12% vol

Operating temperature:

7º - 8º C


750ml bottle.

Juve Camps Wineries

A centuries-old history, strongly rooted in the land, the Penedès. Four generations of a family dedicated, body and soul, to viticulture, dedicated to the production of great cavas and wines.

It all began 200 years ago with Joan Juvé Mir, a rigorous and restless winegrower, with a vision for the future, who laid the foundations of the company. Later, he took over the vineyard from his son Antoni Juvé Escaiola, successfully facing the terrible scourge of phylloxera.


Joan Juvé Baqués, son of Antoni Juvé Escaiola, married to Teresa Camps Ferrer, enabled the underground facilities of the Sant Sadurní d'Anoia manor house to produce the first sparkling wine under the Juvé brand.


Josep and Joan Juvé Camps, sons of Joan and Teresa, join the management of the family business, giving a notable boost to its development with the construction of a new winery in the vicinity of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia.


With the brothers Josep and Joan Juvé Camps, the winery and underground cellars were expanded. They introduce important technical advances to produce cavas of the highest quality, such as temperature control or pneumatic presses.


First bottle of Gran Juvé Camps cava, an extraordinary Gran Reserva Brut Nature made with wines from the Espiells vineyard, which is only made in exceptional vintages, which is a milestone for the winery.

The grandchildren of the founders bring new blood to the winery. Furthermore, with the presidency of Joan Juvé Camps, the wine heritage increases, as well as the reputation in the international market.


The Reserva de la Familia cava is born, a Gran Reserva Brut Nature initially intended for the exclusive consumption of the Juvé family, and which quickly becomes the most representative of the winery.


International expansion of Juvé & Camps. Their cavas are beginning to be sold in the main consumer markets: United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Japan, Peru, etc.


The construction of a new winery begins in the vineyards of the Espiells family estate, intended for the production of base wines for cava and the aging of still wines.


The original Milesimé cava goes on sale, the first single-varietal Chardonnay, which is only made in the best years. It soon becomes one of the best valued by specialized critics and most appreciated by consumers.


During this decade, the family winery consolidates its leadership in the production of Premium and Gran Reserva cavas.


Iohannes is born, a red wine for aging that pays tribute to the founder of the winery, Joan Juvé Baqués. It joins the rest of the Casa Vella d'Espiells and Viña Escarlata red wines, whose common denominator is the expression of the character and personality of the terroir.


Beginning of the conversion of the vineyards towards integrated and ecological viticulture. In this way, grapes of higher quality, potential and maximum expression of the various soils are obtained.


Launch of the select Blanc de Noirs, a single-varietal Pinot Noir, in line with the philosophy of producing cavas with an international vocation of Juvé & Camps, whose exports are developing to cover more than 50 countries on the five continents.


The high-expression cava La Capella and the single-varietal Xarel·lo Essential appear, the result of the Juvé family's concern to achieve excellence. Significant contribution of the new generation of the family.


Juvé & Camps launches a new line of organic wines headed by Ermita d'Espiells, the result of the first organic harvest that took place at the end of summer 2015, after three years of reconversion of the vineyards.


Harmony of earth, light and water. Mediterranean air in the vines. Respect for nature. Environmental balance, biodiversity and viticultural rigor. The 271 hectares of manicured vineyards, owned by Juvé & Camps, located in Penedés for each grape variety, guarantee the highest quality of their cavas and wines. Pure expression of terroir.


It is the largest of the estates, with 200 hectares of vineyards in the areas of most recognized wine-growing quality of the Alt Penedès, in the lap of Montserrat, a mountain that emerged from the sea millions of years ago, which presides over the wine-growing region and protects it from the winds. northern cold Old vines, steeped in history - Espiells is the name of a small Romanesque chapel from the 9th century -, planted in poor, well-drained soils, of clay-calcareous lands, at an altitude between 180 and 245 meters. Optimal land for the cultivation of the traditional Macabeo and Xarel·lo varieties, and in which Chardonnay and Pinot Noir have adapted perfectly.


Set of vineyards, the last ones incorporated into the family heritage, located on steep, hillside terrain, between 500 and 750 meters above sea level, which provides a continental nuance to the Mediterranean climate. They are subjected to a strong night-day thermal contrast, essential for quality viticulture. Can Massana, Alzinetes, El Prat, Mas Pagès and Can Soler, are the names of the different vineyards, where the vines, some very old, planted on stony soils, allow the native Parellada variety to achieve notable finesse and balance. Ecosystem equally conducive to the perfect development of the Bordeaux reds Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.


Small and vigorous vineyard of 17 hectares, located on flat lands, south of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, with deep calcareous soils, which enriches the group of estates with their diverse microclimates. Artisanal viticulture, with low production, allows us to obtain grapes of the Macabeo variety of extraordinary quality, great aromatic richness, full of nuances, and balanced structure. Their contribution is essential for the highest quality cavas.

The secret of the grape will be revealed in the winery, where nature becomes liquid and the must becomes wine. Our Espiells facilities, a milestone in the family's wine history, and an emblem of progress in the Penedès.


They make up an impressive architectural complex surrounded by vineyards, in the Bordeaux chateâu style. Here the wines are made with unusual technical rigor and oenological demands. Because only evolution allows us to be faithful to tradition.

Sober, elegant, respectful of the landscape, and welcoming, the Espiells winery, located 5 kilometers northeast of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, combines functionality and beauty. Large spaces, perfectly conditioned and equipped, allow the work of reception and selection of the grapes to be carried out, as well as the tasks of destemming, pressing, and subsequent fermentation in large warehouses with controlled temperature tanks. All designed and designed for the optimal vinification of base wines for cavas, as well as young wines, Crianzas and reserves, both white, rosé and red. An advanced and aseptic bottling train completes the facilities. The impressive barrel cellar, made from the best French and American oak, completes a winery designed to satisfy a broad consumer demand and make excellence possible. The modern tasting room allows visitors to taste the winery's wines with a stunning view of the vineyards.

The cellars in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia

In the shadows of the galleries dug into the earth, long, shady and silent, protected by air currents, the miracle of the second fermentation in the bottle takes place using the traditional Champenoise method.

The bubble is born, the song of time, with restful aging in rhyme for up to 9 years. It is the artisan work of Juvé & Camps that, generation after generation, manages to convert the excellence of its grapes and base wines into cavas of great quality, finesse and elegant character. The Sant Sadurní d'Anoia cellars are located in the basement of two buildings joined together. Galleries built by the Juvé & Camps family since 1921, and which today make up six floors of underground tunnels. With a constant temperature of between 12º C and 18º C, depending on the time of year and the depth of the cellar, the bottles mature slowly in racks and racks until the moment of shipment.

In the underground caves of Juvé & Camps, all the work, meticulous and patient, is governed by traditional and artisanal guidelines, with manual removal of the bottles. The objective: to provide the cavas with the subtle and complex aromas that, together with the creaminess, freshness and elegance, characterize our cavas.

All data comes from Bodegas Juve Camps.

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