Vino Blanco Quinta Apolonia
Vino Blanco Quinta Apolonia
Vino Blanco Quinta Apolonia
Vino Blanco Quinta Apolonia
Vino Blanco Quinta Apolonia
Vino Blanco Quinta Apolonia

Quinta Apolonia White Wine

Quinta Apolonia White Wine

Wine from the Land of Castilla y León


100% Verdejo

A great wine that will make you want more.

Don't miss it and try it.

You will not regret it!

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Quinta Apolonia White Wine

Wine from the Land of Castilla y León


100% Verdejo


September 15 - October 11

Tasting Note:

Color: Straw yellow with greenish tones.

Nose: Presence of white fruit added to citrus touches.

Mouth: Unctuous, tasty and very fresh.


Partially fermented in barrels.

Alcoholic grade:

13.5% vol

Operating temperature:

14º - 16ºC


50,000 bottles and 500 magnums


750ml bottle. Boxes of 6 bottles

Belondrade Wineries

First it was a glass of Verdejo, a fresh wine, with aromas of hay and a straw yellow color, under the strong Andalusian sun. And then, a vast Castilian landscape, exceptional climatic conditions and a terroir of pebbles that enthralled Didier Belondrade to begin to think that Spain was going to steal something more than his heart.

In 1994 something changed in the Rueda region. A Frenchman, based in Nava del Rey, presented a wine that revolutionized the Spanish white market: BELONDRADE AND LURTON. A Verdejo fermented and aged in barrels on its lees, elegant, integrated, unctuous and that expresses the complexity provided by the different terroirs.

Didier Belondrade's commitment to the aging potential of the Verdejo grape became even more evident with the inauguration, in 2000, of his own winery in the municipality of La Seca (Valladolid), designed by the architect Vicent Dufos du Rau.

BELONDRADE Y LURTON is more than a wine, it is a philosophy, a vision. It is respect for the environment. It is the reasoned work of the vineyard. It means selecting the grapes carefully and then taking care of them with care, and it means developing your own yeasts and then keeping the must for almost a year in the barrel and six months in the bottle before putting it on the market.

But it is also a personal seal and a family nod. For this reason, after his definitive installation in La Seca, Didier Belondrade began to make two other wines to which he named his daughters: Quinta Clarisa Belondrade and Quinta Apolonia Belondrade. The first, a 100% Tempranillo rosé; the second, a young 100% Verdejo, the 'second vin' of Belondrade with which the aim is to improve the selection of BELONDRADE AND LURTON.


Belondrade has 30 hectares of its own vineyard divided into 19 plots, which provide very different musts depending on the type of soil, orientation, rootstocks and clones.

The composition of the soils of the plateau is made up of a layer of pebbles measuring about 10 to 60 centimeters, a subsoil layer of clay and a deep layer of limestone. But in the different plots there are boulders and variable percentages between sand and clay, which will give the musts and wines different characteristics.

The planting density ranges from 1,100 to 3,300 plants per hectare, with an average yield of 30 to 35 hectoliters per hectare. 100% of the vineyard belongs to the property, with an average age of thirty years for BELONDRADE Y LURTON and eight years for BELONDRADE Quinta Apolonia.

Relatively long pruning is carried out due to the high risk of late frosts and hail. Green pruning work is carried out to promote aeration and green harvesting, if necessary, to control production. From the beginning, the vineyard has been worked in a "reasoned" way; and today it has ecological certification.

The vineyard is located at about 750 meters of altitude with an average rainfall between 300 and 350 mm. year. The climate is continental, characterized by long, cold winters and short, hot summers, with a large thermal amplitude between day and night.

All data comes from Bodegas Belondrade.

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