Vino Tinto Monteabellón 14 meses Barrica
Vino Tinto Monteabellón 14 meses Barrica
Vino Tinto Monteabellón 14 meses Barrica
Vino Tinto Monteabellón 14 meses Barrica
Vino Tinto Monteabellón 14 meses Barrica
Vino Tinto Monteabellón 14 meses Barrica

Monteabellón Red Wine 14 months Barrel

Monteabellon Red Wine Crianza 14 months in barrel

DO. Ribera del Duero


100% Tempranillo

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Monteabellon Red Wine Crianza 14 months in barrel

DO. Ribera del Duero


100% Tempranillo


From the vineyards located at higher altitudes with sandy loam soils with clay and limestone content, we make our Monteabellón Crianza 14 months in barrels. This soil provides us with a grape with favorable characteristics to obtain a wine with perfect structure.

Tasting Note:

Intense cherry color, garnet edge.

Intense aroma of candied fruit, sweet spices perfectly integrated with quality wood that makes it elegant.

Very tasty in the mouth, powerful and fruity, with ripe tannins.


14 months in barrel, 70% French oak and 30% American oak.

Alcoholic grade:

14% vol

Operating temperature:



750ml bottle. Boxes of 6 bottles

Monteabellón Wineries

In the heart of the Ribera del Duero lie the origins of Vinos de la Familia Monteabellón.

For several generations the García family has been fully dedicated to viticulture. In 2000, taking advantage of the experience accumulated over decades and the know-how in winemaking, he founded Bodegas Monteabellón, a family winery located in the small town of Nava de Roa.

Nava de Roa still preserves a multitude of winepresses and wineries where its people once made and preserved wine. As in the rest of Ribera del Duero, its history and traditions are closely related to wine.

Our experience has allowed us to produce quality wines in other wine-growing areas of Spain as representative as D.O. Rioja and D.O. Rueda, where we reflect our passion for viticulture and the art of winemaking.

Our only objective is to make select wines, which is why we carry out meticulous selection work in our vineyards, favoring low yield per hectare in order to obtain better fruit to make wines that arouse your admiration.

At the Bodegas Monteabellón facilities, the latest oenological techniques have been used to guarantee careful production throughout the entire duration of the process, maintaining stable levels of temperature and humidity, as in the old wineries, and at the same time controlling the aromas and flavors in detail. .

The aging takes place in oak barrels of which 70% are French oak and 30% American oak. The entire process is carried out in our facilities, from grape picking to bottling and labeling.


All the grapes used to make our wines come from our own vineyards.

Currently, Bodegas y Viñedos Monteabellón owns 98 hectares of vineyards spread over different plots located in the municipality of Nava de Roa. The different altitudes and diversity in the soils of our vineyards are a reflection of the quality of our wines.

All of the vineyards are of the Tempranillo or Tinta del País variety, with around 5% Merlot also existing.

The vineyards are located on a gentle alluvial plain carved by the Douro River and flanked by gentle hills. Clay and calcareous soils, characteristic of the Ribera de Duero, are ideal for growing grapes.

The climate is predominantly dry and sunny, with rain concentrated in spring and autumn with annual averages of about 500 mm, although the frequent fog around the Duero River bed is also a source of humidity.

Our entire vineyard is spread over several plots and due to their location at different heights we could classify them into three zones:

The first area would be made up of the plots located at a lower altitude and closer to the Duero River from which we make our youngest wines. The names of these plots are: Los Miles, Valcavada, Picarillo, Monroy and Valdián.

The second zone is made up of the plots that are furthest from the Duero River and at a higher altitude. They are sandy loam soils with limestone and clay content. These plots are ideal for making Crianza wines. Pascuala, Lopa, San Juan, Rillosa, Linares, Valdezate, Tras de la Rubiera, Pozo and Madriles are the names of these plots that we could fit into this middle zone.

The third zone is made up of vineyards located at higher altitudes where the soils are stony and have high limestone content. The low water retention and extreme atmospheric conditions to which these plots are subjected give rise to an ideal fruit for making long-aged wines. Plots such as La Blanquera, Pedregal, Valduvienzas, Matambres and Acediano form this area.

All data comes from Bodegas Monteabellón.

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