Vino Tinto Valtravieso Roble
Vino Tinto Valtravieso Roble
Vino Tinto Valtravieso Roble
Vino Tinto Valtravieso Roble
Vino Tinto Valtravieso Roble
Vino Tinto Valtravieso Roble

Valtravieso Oak Red Wine

Valtravieso Oak Red Wine

DO. Ribera del Duero


Tinta Fina, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

A great wine that will make you want more.

Live this great experience and enjoy an unforgettable flavor!

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Valtravieso Oak Red Wine

DO. Ribera del Duero


Tinta Fina, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

Tasting Note:

Valtravieso Roble is the Young Man of the house, the most carefree and youthful but always with a part of seriousness and rest. The message is clear, fruit, fruit and more fruit. Although he accompanies it with a fair dose of wood to round it out and give it a boost of complexity. He feels comfortable chatting, he is a great drinking companion, he doesn't clash and behaves like an adult at the table.

His nose is direct; Palates of red forest fruits, both ripe and fresh, with surprising and pleasant violet floral notes. The lactic sensation of red fruit yogurt intoxicates us, and some memories of jams, all accompanied by touches of wood, which give it light notes of spices such as vanilla and white pepper.

The palate is very pleasant, easy, unpretentious but with a great texture. Melted and friendly tannin, with just the right volume and good travel. The fruit is once again the great protagonist in the retronasal, accompanied by fine spices and led by a fantastic acidity, the common thread of the Valtravieso signature.

A young and bold wine, casual but serious, a well-interpreted Oak with a great price-pleasure relationship.

Tasting note by David Seijas who was sommelier at the El Bulli restaurant and the Bulli Foundation, Nariz de oro 2008 and National Gastronomy Award 2010.


6 months in French oak barrels and 2 months in bottle

Alcoholic grade:

14% vol

Operating temperature:



750ml bottle. Boxes of 6 bottles

Valtravieso Wineries

VALTRAVIESO has built facilities of 4,500 m2. designed to produce a product of the highest quality. A sober building, with straight lines, perfectly integrated with the surrounding landscape and always designed to facilitate work in the winery. Production warehouse, barrel warehouse, offices and tasting room, social space and bottle rack and bottling warehouse make up the modules of elegant architecture that, together with the gardens and patios, reach a surface area of 9,000 m2. All this designed to achieve maximum quality and a unique style.

Our VALTRAVIESO production facility has 32 stainless steel tanks of 10,000 and 20,000 liters, with a double cooling jacket to control the fermentation temperature at all times. In total, at VALTRAVIESO we have the capacity to produce 560,000 liters. We prepare each payment separately to extract the maximum potential of the grapes. We use the techniques that give us the best results, such as delestage. The pump-overs and bazuqueos are carried out depending on the needs of each wine and the decision of the winemaker. Always thinking about getting the best wines in each of our ranges.

At VALTRAVIESO we use 1, 2 and 3 year old French oak barrels to age our wines, from the “Allier”, “Nevers” or “La Jupille” forests. In total we have a capacity of 960 m2 to store up to 2,500 barrels spread over 3 levels, which facilitates racking and work during the aging of the wines. Our barrel warehouse is air-conditioned and maintains a constant temperature and relative humidity throughout the year, which ensures the correct evolution of the wines. A unique space to achieve the character and personality of VALTRAVIESO wines.

After aging in barrels, the wine goes to our modern bottling line that has a filling control system and nitrogen injection to avoid unwanted oxidation.

After filling, the wine rests in the bottle in our Wine Rack, which occupies an area of 850 m2 in which up to 1,000,000 bottles can be stored. These are stored in metal cages that rest in a horizontal position to keep the wine in contact with the cork, thus facilitating better conservation of the cork and good sealing of the bottle.

The warehouse is air-conditioned, maintaining a constant temperature throughout the year between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius. In this way, with the best temperature and humidity conditions, the wine will finish its aging in the bottle, where it will finish rounding and thus be in optimal conditions for all our customers.

No bottle of wine leaves the winery without having rested the necessary time for it to be perfect for consumption. This is another of VALTRAVIESO's great bets, which differentiates us from other wineries.


Soil and vineyard make up a whole. The action of man on the vineyard, the climate, the environment, the vine and the soil form the terroir. We observe the plants and the earth: we taste grapes, we carry out natural treatments to provide what our soil lacks, we prune intelligently, we redirect shoots, we carry out thinning and we let the vines transmit their needs to us. We step on the vineyard, we live our vineyard and it shows. Viticulture with our stony soils and without drip irrigation becomes more complex, more demanding. The wines are made in the vineyard, and we are clear about that at VALTRAVIESO.

The vineyard in VALTRAVIESO benefits from milder summers as it is in one of the highest areas of the D.O. Ribera del Duero. The grape has longer and more balanced ripening processes, which will increase the accumulation of aromas and flavors and improve the acidity indexes of our wines. On the other hand, being closer to the sun, we have better photosynthesis, which has a direct impact on greater coloration of the clusters. In summer, climatic differences from day to night can exceed 18ºC, which favors the synthesis of polyphenols, which are key to wine's antioxidant capacity.

While the average altitude of vineyard planting in Ribera del Duero is between 750 and 850 meters above sea level, in VALTRAVIESO we can boast of having the vineyard located at the highest altitude in the Designation of Origin: 950 meters.

That is our difference from other wineries in the area. Our altitude. Climate and soil provide special qualities to our wines, which come from the vineyard. A raw material of excellent quality, with balanced pH, sweet tannins and outstanding natural acidity and more homogeneous maturations, with a large amount of aromas and structure, allows us to make elegant wines, with class and style.

VALTRAVIESO is a high-altitude winery, with high-altitude vineyards, and refined wines ready to seduce the most demanding consumers.

These characteristics are what give VALTRAVIESO wines their unmistakable personality. A special personality thanks to a unique vineyard.

All data comes from Bodegas Valtravieso.

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