Vino Tinto Carmelo Rodero 9 meses
Vino Tinto Carmelo Rodero 9 meses
Vino Tinto Carmelo Rodero 9 meses
Vino Tinto Carmelo Rodero 9 meses
Vino Tinto Carmelo Rodero 9 meses
Vino Tinto Carmelo Rodero 9 meses

Carmelo Rodero Red Wine 9 months

Carmelo Rodero Red Wine 9 months

DO. Ribera del Duero


100% Tinta del País (Tempranillo)

Don't miss the opportunity to experience something wonderful.

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Carmelo Rodero Red Wine 9 months

DO. Ribera del Duero


100% Tinta del País (Tempranillo)


From our own vineyards between 5 and 20 years old. Classic preparation with destemmed and semi-crushed grapes.

Tasting Note:

It offers us a clean and bright cherry color.

On the nose, an intense floral aroma and red forest fruit, assembled with lactic and vanilla touches, typical of its aging in wood.

The palate is broad, elegant, persistent and velvety.


Aged for 9 months in French oak barrels.

Bottle rack at least three months before marketing.

Alcoholic grade:

14% vol

Operating temperature:



750ml bottle. Boxes of 6 bottles

Rodero Wineries

The personality of Carmelo Rodero wines is born from the fortunate combination of two factors: the unique and incomparable characteristics of its vineyards, combined with the most innovative production techniques. All of them driven by the strength of the producer and his family.

It is in our unique and patented winemaking system, where the grapes are allowed to be pampered simply using gravity, without pumping. Combining traditional methods with the latest technologies.

Carmelo Rodero belongs to an old line of winegrowers from the riverside town of Pedrosa de Duero. His childhood passed among vineyards and wineries and his first memories evoke his grandparents making wine in the traditional way.

Such was Carmelo's passion, that from his adolescence he began to invest his first earnings in new vineyard plantations, and thus, based on enthusiasm, effort and sacrifice, he managed to form a considerable farm.

Around 1990 he began his own journey, always supported by his wife Elena. Together they bet on the future and quality knowing that the basis of a great wine is always found in the excellence of its “black pearls” which is how Carmelo likes to call the fruit of its vines. All this effort and search for quality has been rewarded with national and international awards for each wine made since then by Bodegas Rodero.

A new generation has joined this exciting project, Beatriz and María, the two daughters of Carmelo and Elena. They have inherited the passion of their parents.


Carmelo Rodero knows every centimeter of his 140 hectares perfectly. These are distributed in different plots, thus taking advantage of different soils in order to obtain maximum diversity in their grapes, which translates into complexity in the wines. The average age of the vineyard is more than 30 years, combining younger vineyards with others that have nearly 100 harvests to their credit.

This area of the Ribera is characterized by its specific climate, which includes periods with slight Atlantic and continental influence, dry summers and long, harsh winters with marked thermal fluctuations.

The altitude of our vineyards is located at levels that range between 900 meters in the case of the interfluvial hills, up to 750 meters in the valleys.

The soils are clayey, although calcareous soils are not excluded, poor in organic matter and slightly alkaline, combined with pebbles, silt and sand.

The main objective of Bodegas Rodero is to obtain the highest quality in its grapes. This goal is achieved year after year thanks to the fact that our wines are made from our own vineyards, in which their control is carried out in a personalized way.

All data comes from Bodegas Rodero.

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