Aceite de Oliva Virgen Verde Esmeralda Imagine Picual
Aceite de Oliva Virgen Verde Esmeralda Imagine Picual
Imagine Royal Emerald Green Virgin Olive Oil
Aceite de Oliva Virgen Verde Esmeralda Imagine Picual
Aceite de Oliva Virgen Verde Esmeralda Imagine Picual
Imagine Royal Emerald Green Virgin Olive Oil

Imagine Royal Emerald Green Virgin Olive Oil

Imagine Royal Emerald Green Virgin Olive Oil from Úbeda, Jaén. An oil obtained from the royal variety, a variety native to the Sierra de Cazorla. In addition, this delicious oil contributes to a fairer world since part of its profits are allocated to charitable causes.

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Imagine Picual Emerald Green Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml

Úbeda, Jaén.

The “Imagine Range” arises from the urgent need to achieve a better world. Let's imagine a world without war, a more egalitarian world, a world without hunger, a world where all children have the right to a happy childhood. With the Emerald Green “Imagine Range” it aims to contribute to achieving a more just world, which is why part of the profit from the Imagine Range is allocated to charitable causes that contribute to achieving this goal.

Varietal Composition: Royal

Royal variety, it is a variety native to the Sierra de Cazorla. In this area there is a small pocket of olive groves where this variety is harvested, which is not produced anywhere else in the world.

Tasting Note: A fruity oil, slightly bitter and not very spicy. Its flavor is smooth and not aggressive on the palate, with a long and unctuous palate.


Its preparation is based on the ancestral principles of good work and absolute admiration for the environment. Verde Esmeralda selects and harvests the best fruits manually with great care and special care.

All this following an exhaustive control of all the practices for the cultivation of the olive tree, from the moment the olive tree begins to flower, through the setting of the fruit and its entire development on the tree, all the variables that affect the quality are controlled. of the fruit.

The collection has been taking place between October 10 and 30 depending on the year. The harvest is carried out at night, in this way it is achieved that the temperature from obtaining the fruit to obtaining the oil is below 20 degrees.

Pruning is carried out to maximize the use of sunlight, to achieve this they seek the optimal compensation between the roots and the crown of the olive tree. Pruning is carried out following the lunar calendar, making the tree more productive and of higher quality.

By using natural and environmentally friendly products, they manage to provide everything necessary for the olive trees to be strong and healthy.

Irrigation control is essential for them, therefore, using the most advanced technology, they control the water status of their olive trees and apply the appropriate amount at all times.

The fight against the pests of their olive trees is done with the utmost respect. Thus, either by massive trapping or by releasing natural enemies, they achieve total control without the use of chemicals.

Obtaining the best extra virgin olive oil is for them more than a technique, it is a ritual. Without thermal oscillations and at the appropriate temperature from obtaining the fruit to extraction.

Every year Verde Esmeralda brings a limited production to the market, which meets the quality characteristics sought. That is why the bottles are numbered and the number 1 bottle of each year is auctioned.

Presentation: 250 and 500ml non-refillable bottles.


Flos Olei Competition – 2017 (91 Points)

Prestige Gold Jerusalem – Israel 2016

Flos Olei Competition – 2016 (90 Points)

Grand Mention “Intense Fruity” Rome – 2015

Silver Medal Award Olive Japan – Japan 2015

Gold Award Best Olive Oils New York – Usa 2015

Bronze Award Los Angeles – USA 2015

Flos Olei Competition – 2015 (90 Points)

Gran Prestige Gold Jerusalem – Israel 2014

Gold Award Best Olive Oils New York New York – Usa 2014

Gold-China. International Olive Oil Competition – China 2014

Gold Medal Award Olive Japan – Japan 2014

Best Presentation Madrid 2013

Gold Medal Robust. Picual Los Angeles – Usa 2013

Certificate Medium Green Froity – France 2013

Gold Award Best Olive Oils New York – Usa 2013



Since time immemorial, their ancestors have proclaimed the principles that govern the concept and production of their exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

These ancestral principles together with an aesthetic and current vision make VERDE ESMERALDA emerge, giving the opportunity and making available to the most exquisite palates an oil that was always intended for family consumption.

VERDE EMERALD manifests an ideal that combines the ancestral with the best current techniques, pursuing absolute exceptionality.

Emeralds are a type of Gems or precious stones from the 4 families that exist in the world, Emerald, Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby.

There are different types of treatments to improve the color and appearance of precious stones, one of them, “Traditional Lapidary Method”, consists of Emerald Oiling.

The Oiling of Emeralds is an international method accepted by international Gemology standards. The Emeralds are immersed in baths of natural oil, which fills the fissures and open cavities on the surface of the emerald. When the oil disappears, the gemstone acquires a darker shade, improving its quality and appearance.

This is why the exclusive EMERALD GREEN Extra Virgin Olive Oil chooses one of the four precious stones to contain it, the emerald.

In compensation, VERDE EMERALD bathes it with the best oil in the world, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to improve its color and appearance.

Commitment to Nature

Verde Esmeralda from its beginnings took measures that will harmonize agriculture in the fabric of life. They try to generate new ways of relating to nature and allying themselves with it. From this absolute admiration for nature, they have begun to take a multitude of measures to increase biodiversity on our farms.

Due to this commitment to nature, they deal with the adaptation of the irrigation ponds aimed at the establishment of fauna, the implementation of vegetation in the irrigation ponds, the provision of areas for the breeding of reptiles and amphibians and drinking fountains for steppe birds, planting shrubs and trees on slopes, reforesting degraded areas, restoring roads, ravines, lanes and boundaries and using soil regeneration techniques. All these measures pursue improvements that result in an increase in Biodiversity.

  All data comes from VERDE EMERALDA

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