Monteabellón Barrica
Monteabellón Barrica
Monteabellón Barrica
Monteabellón Barrica

Monteabellón Barrica wine

DO. Ribera del Duero

Varietal Composition:

100% Tempranillo

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DO. Ribera del Duero, Castilla y León

Varietal Composition:

100% Tempranillo

Tasting Note:

Very intense, bright cherry color.

Very intense aroma with marked fruity sensations of blackberry and blueberries perfectly integrated with quality wood that surrounds everything.

Good structure and good fruit expression in the mouth, powerful and with ripe tannins.

Aging: 5 months in barrel. 50% French oak and 50% American oak.

Alcoholic strength: 13.5% vol.

Packaging: 750ml bottle. Boxes of 12 bottles.

Pairing: recommended to serve with all types of meats, also excellent with all types of cheeses.


Parxet D.O. Digging

Portal of Montsant D.O. Montsant

Basagoiti D.O.Ca Rioja

Thionium D.O. Ribera del Duero, D.O. Wheel

Marquis of Alella D.O. Alella

All the wineries mentioned belong to the Parxet Group. This is how its General Director Ramón Raventós defines it:

"My family has been making wine for 500 years. I don't know when was the first time I set foot in a vineyard or a winery, I don't remember. It is part of our cultural heritage, at home, there are vineyards, wine, wineries, we have lived with all this since always.

But it is not enough to have been born in this environment for you to necessarily decide to live like this. You can make a living from wine or its industry in different ways and more or less emotionally linked to this activity, but only people who deeply live their passion for wine are forced to develop more sophisticated forms of production, to live with the obsession with continuous improvement year after year, to innovate to achieve it, to put activity at the center until nothing is left outside its influence.

Philosophy and values:

Tireless search for excellence in production. Throughout the production process, from the vineyard to the customer. In cultivation, production, product development, presentation, distribution, customer service and attention to detail to obtain an impeccable product... and all for the pleasure of seeing meticulous and meaningful work done.

Absolute respect for our environment. It is a matter of conscience. It is not enough to maintain it, we must act to improve it. As part of that way of thinking, our agricultural activity. We manage our vineyards with ecological criteria, only with the limit of subordination to the quality of the product.

Search and recovery of emblematic vineyards. In all the areas in which we produce we have the honor and assume the responsibility of recovering and working with vineyards, some of which are centuries old inherited from our ancestors and which we are forced to work and maintain for future generations. Thanks to them we can put into the world some superb wines that do the laborious work of managing that type of vineyard that is frankly satisfactory.

Creativity and innovation. We believe that the experience of decades of production must necessarily be linked to the continuous review of methods and procedures applying all the technical elements available. There is no other way.

The price of things. We don't like to talk about money when we talk about art, emotion, passion and culture, but unfortunately, all this has an economic cost. We try out of conviction to make our work available to the most knowledgeable and sensitive public, so that they can experience our wines, at least once every year. Those who can, every day, those who can't, at least from time to time. We invest more than necessary in the vineyard. Normally it is a lot, but we do not like to stop unnecessarily sharing with anyone the emotion of our love for wine. We assume the responsibility of being generators of emotion, culture, sensations and standard of living with all the consequences."

D.O. Ribera del Duero, Castilla y León
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