Vino Tinto Corimbo
Vino Tinto Corimbo
Vino Tinto Corimbo
Vino Tinto Corimbo
Vino Tinto Corimbo
Vino Tinto Corimbo

Corimbo Red Wine

Corimbo Red Wine

DO. Ribera del Duero


100% Tinta del País (Tempranillo)

A wine capable of surprising you and brightening your day.

Don't miss it and enjoy a moment for yourself.

This is your wine, this is your chance!

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Corimbo Red Wine

DO. Ribera del Duero


100% Tinta del País (Tempranillo)


Small plots in La Horra, Roa and neighboring towns (Burgos). Strains in glass. Vines of 20 years on average. Manual with selection table.

Tasting Note:

Color: More open red.

Nose: Very fresh red fruit, even with some floral notes.

Mouth: Maximum volume with lots of fresh red fruit. Good tannin, somewhat present but improving. Long with persistence of fresh fruit. Good acidity, sharper but with enough wrapper.


14 months in barrel, 80% French oak and 20% American oak.

Alcoholic grade:

14% vol

Operating temperature:



750ml bottle. Boxes of 6 bottles

La Horra Wineries

Our winery is located in the municipality of La Horra, one of the most emblematic towns in terms of grape quality in the Ribera del Duero Denomination.

They are facilities suitable for our demanding production method, from which the new winery project will be built.

Bodegas Roda launches into a new adventure. After a career of more than twenty years, which has made it, due to its consolidated R&D&I work, one of the most prestigious wineries in the D.O.Ca Rioja, Roda intends to take advantage of the knowledge and know-how how to diversify in the D.O Ribera del Duero with Bodegas La Horra. The company's diversification began in 1999 with oil. Bodegas Roda produces a premium oil: Aubocassa in Mallorca, and will also begin a new stage with a new Mallorcan oil, L'Amo Aubocassa. The new company will take advantage of the existing synergies in the field of R&D&I research and commercial distribution of Roda and Aubocassa, which reach 55 countries.

The project for the new winery has, above all, the desire to be in tune with the difficult times we are living in. To do so, it is based on two premises:

Respect for the environment and effort in R&D&i research.

Bodegas La Horra will begin its journey step by step and in a sustainable way.

The company has reached an agreement with winegrowers in the area who own 40 hectares of old and middle-aged vineyards to create a new company in which they will have a 10% stake.

The work in the vineyards will be directed entirely by the Bodegas Roda team.

The new winery project is structured in three phases.

Currently, it is in the initial phase that will last three years. It shares the technical and human team of Roda, but in addition, the launch of the new winery has required the hiring of new personnel.

The second phase will be the construction of new facilities for the production process.

The third and final phase will focus on the expansion and completion of the facilities.

In parallel with the gradual growth of the facilities and the company, production will also grow. The winery will make two types of wine.

The first vintage, 2008, was released on the market in June 2010 with only the winery's basic wine, with a production of 40,000 bottles.

From the 2009 vintage we have reached 90,000 bottles and the two wines from the Winery are now available.

The 2010 vintage will reach 120,000 bottles. From the 2011 vintage, it is expected to obtain 150,000 bottles.

In the following years, production will increase by 50,000 bottles annually, until reaching 300,000 bottles for the 2014 vintage, when Bodegas La Horra will complete its growth process.


The choice of a suitable soil for the cultivation of Tempranillo and the association with local winegrowers, owners of middle-aged vineyards, has been our winery's strategy to guarantee the production of a Ribera with the style that our customers expect.

The Bodegas Roda team has spent four years researching throughout the Spanish territory on which were the best lands for the production of Tempranillo, the variety that Roda's research and technical team knows in depth.

The area that showed the best adaptation was Ribera del Duero, and within this D.O, the area of La Horra, in the province of Burgos.

La Horra was chosen, not only because of its long tradition in vine cultivation, which dates back to pre-Roman times, but because the Bodegas Roda team concluded that it was the area in which they most liked the potential and adaptation of the tempranillo, in addition to being one of the coolest areas of the D.O., a very necessary fact to produce the style of wine that characterizes Bodegas Roda.

All data comes from Bodegas La Horra.

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